Thursday, 7 February 2013

Not Doing Things By Halves

From this interview with Grant Morrison:

Morrison: I certainly don't have any direct references to anything until Multiversity itself comes out. But I don't know. As I said to you before, the story I'm telling takes place apart from the DC Universe, but I'm sure Dan and everybody else are thinking of possibilities of connecting them in some way. I didn't even know [the Multiverse] was in Vibe, so that's news to me. But I think we can stand to see a little bit more of it. Because honestly, you know, James Robinson's doing an Earth-2 book and I know he loves this stuff as well. 
But basically, they're all working off a guide book I've created, but I have no idea how it's going to be used. But I created a Multiversity concordance, with who was on every world. 
Nrama: On every world, or just the ones you're touching? 
Morrison: All of the 52 [alternate Earths]. Because part of the Multiversity series incorporates a multiverse guide book with maps and stuff, and there's a story in there as well. So there's that kind of maps and blueprints aspect of it as well.
Blimey - he's detailed who's on every Earth?

What's the betting the "multiverse guide book with maps and stuff" gets issued as a one-shot alongside the Multiversity series?

I fear I may have to get my Annotations hat back on . . .


  1. As with everyone else, I'm just waiting for Multiversity itself, but having the guidebook published as well would be nice!

  2. Same here. I pray I get to see this while I'm still in my 30's;)(I'll be 32 this August, so fingers crossed)

    It'd be a smart piece of marketing if DC really did publish the guide as a one-off. Hell even I'd be tempted to pick that one up, considering the amount of sheer detail that would be packed in that thing.

  3. Supposedly it's out later this year but I'll believe it when I see it.

    And yeah, if DC did publish the guide as a one-shot, that would be sweet.

  4. Up with This Sort of Thing! (Er, I'm assuming there's a Craggy Island Earth)


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