Saturday, 9 February 2013

Power Girl Returns To Classic Look

From DC's May solicits over at CBR:

Worlds' Finest #12:
"As Power Girl returns to her classic look, DeSaad wreaks havoc on her tech empire—and PG and Huntress find themselves hunted by the talented torturer from Apokolips."
PG gets her classic costume back! I've not been one clamouring for its return but it's nice to see it back.

But since when did DeSaad have an uppercase S in his name?


  1. Ha ha. I think it's a step in the right direction to bring back PG's classic look. The Perez-designed outfit was horrible and complicated, and that's coming from a Perez fan.

    I've not hidden my ill feelings towards the reboot, but this is nice.
    Hooray for Boobies......and their window(s);)

    1. Did Perez design it? I thought Maguire did the designs originally? Either way it was so far removed from the classic look that I don't think it worked at all.

      I wonder how they're going to explain in the story PG's change of look.

  2. She decides to try a new look?

    I'm chuffed to bits. Karen looks like herself again.

    And good spot on DeSaad - the New DC ('there's no reading us now') obviously thinks we'll miss the reference.

    1. Yep, I'm really happy the classic look's coming back.

      As to DeSaad, it might just be a typo or maybe they're making the De Sade link more obvious?


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