Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Perusing Previews - February 2013

From the solicitation info:
"What is the one Super Power that is more than a match for Vibe..."
Really? There's just one that can beat Vibe? As much as I like the guy and think the Justice League Detroit really wasn't that bad, I find it hard to believe there's only one super power that can beat him.

You know, I actually seriously like this.

I've long been a fan of alternate history stories and the bad guys having super powers in World War II is sort of tempting. Kieron Gillen's the writer and while I've not read anything by him, I've heard good things.

I've seen Darth Vader and Son and it's just pitch perfect - funny and sweet without being cloying or overly reverential of the source material so this is hopefully just as good.

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