Friday, 22 June 2012

Dredd Trailer

Oh yeah!

Sure, the song at the start's a bit weak (but better than the rash of industrial / grunge metal that gets tagged on to these movies) and the drug slo-mo is bound to invite tons of bullet-time style scenes but Karl Urban looks great as Dredd, although he could do with a shave - Dredd's never been a fan:


  1. it's a given this will be better then the first Dredd film. based on the trailer i like the look of the movie in terms of the costumes as well as the sets. and is that the chick from the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show? but as of yet it's really up in the air if this movie has a screen play (script) that will do Judge Dredd justice. i love 28 Days later so that's promising for this movie. Karl Urban is a good actor and i really want to see him in a good movie for a change because to be honest virtually everything else i've seen him in has sucked with the exception of Pathfinder which wasn't too bad. he was a great McCoy but i didn't otherwise like the last Star Trek movie outside of the casting. i never bothered finishing "Ghost Ship" i just saw the beginning and "Doom was" just an utterly pointless film on soooo many levels much like a sci-fi channel original. "the Chronicles of Riddick" was a disappointment too. i never saw "Priest" but it looked shitty in the previews. i'm crossing my fingers for both Urban and Dredd.

    1. Yeah, I'm liking the look of it as well - by concentrating the action in just one block it allows them to make it a little more claustrophobic and, if it's successful, gives them room to expand in a sequel.

      As to Urban, I only really know him from Lord of The Rings, although I've seen Chronicles... once and completely forgot about the entire film, not just the cast. Same with Priest which was just awful.

      Still, fingers crossed like you say.

  2. I'm totally in agreement with you over the "rash of industrial/grunge metal". It's become cliché and the presumption that as a comics fan I have terrible taste in music, irks me.

    1. I like some metal though I'm more into 70's / 80's British rock (Maiden, Sabbath and the like) but the stuff they throw into most every film lately just leaves me cold.


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