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Who'd Like A Cocktail? #184

Seriously, John? A tikka masala? I thought you more as a dupiaza man.

Hands up who spotted the mistake in this week's Cocktail header?

BLUE BEETLE #10 - written by Tony Bedard with art by Ig Guara and J.P. Mayer.

Jaime attempts to hand himself in to the government, specifically the Department of Extranormal Operations headed up by Mr Bones while in El Paso, his father contacts his mother, Jaime's grandmother, who is apparently one tough lady. Despite their noble intentions, the DEO over-react to Beetle and end up scaring - and pissing - him off. And then Booster Gold turns up.

Not a bad issue; I've said before this title's a little hit and miss but the hits are enough that I'll miss it after it's cancelled in a couple of months.

CAPTAIN ATOM #10 - written by J.T. Krul with art by Freddie Williams II.

While his future selves attempt to distract their ultimately future self, one of the Captain Atoms heads into the past to find where his God complex started: when he saved the life of a small boy who had cancer. Changing that event forces him to realise his limitations and leads to a different set of events culminating in the present day Atom hiving off his human side into Nathaniel Adam, allowing him to head off on a date with Ranita.

Another series which has been okay on the whole but is heading for cancellation. Hopefully thing can get wrapped up.

CROSSED: BADLANDS #8 - written by Jamie Delano with art by Leandro Rizzo.

Things, not surprisingly, go from bad to worse. Leon's apparently killed off panel between the end of last issue and this; Steve's still pregnant; and when they stumble into a fat camp full of Crossed kids, the twins get caught and separated from them. As Steve and Gregory head off, followed by the remaining fat kids they end up at the coast aboard an abandoned boat. There Steve hobbles Greg and heads off, leaving him not only the kids but the now-Crossed twins.

Another episode of despairing humanity attempting to survive against hideous odds. This is still probably one of the better issues in Delano's run.

DARK HORSE PRESENTS #13 - written and illustrated by lots of people but I'm only interested in Kelly Sue DeConnick's writing and the art by Phil Noto.

Two ghost hunters - well, one and his sceptical assistant/cameraman - attempt to catch sight of the woman in white known as Resurrection Mary. Catching her on film, though, doesn't turn out to be the explosive story of the century as no-one believes them. When they attempt to display the technological marvel that allowed them to see the ghost before a largely disinterested small gathering, it doesn't work, leading to a falling out.

The return of Ghost is understated - she appears twice only and has neither dialogue nor the twin .45's she used to have - but it's interesting enough to make me glad I decided to pick this up.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #10 - written by Peter J. Tomasi with art by Fernando Pasarin and Scott Hanna.

The Alpha Lanterns sentence John Stewart to death for the killing of his fellow Lantern Kirrt, a decision which the rest of the Corps aren't happy with at all. While Stewart's remanded in the Alpha Tower awaiting execution, we get a glimpse that Kirrt's ring is still looking for a replacement. Having made their decision, the Alphas are reluctant to carry out the execution until the Guardians force them, a decision that's made moot by Gardner and others breaking John out of the Tower against his wishes.

This is good fun; John's stoicism in the face of his sentence shows his strength while his friends, Gardner in particular, can't help but try to help. And all the while the Guardians continue to pit the Lanterns against the Alphas.

THE SHADOW #3 - written by Garth Ennis with art by Aaron Campbell.

The Japanese are convinced they've already won the bidding war for a secret weapon, despite other nations - Germany and America among them - being invited to the auction. The Shadow continues to annoy his American handler while forcing the Japanese to attack him in order to gain intelligence of their whereabouts. Despite being given the location, when he attacks, he instead finds a team of German agents and realises he's been played by the Japanese against the Germans.

It's not bad - the art's very nice - but the story's moving incredibly slowly at the moment.

And what made me smile:

Now is that anyway to talk to a girl, dead or living?


  1. Where was the final set of panels from? The only Mary I can think of is that nice lady from I ... Vampire.

    1. It's actually from the Ghost story in Dark Horse Presents; Ghost is currently known as "Resurrection Mary" though I'm sure that'll change by the next issue.


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