Tuesday, 12 June 2012

For Whom The Bell Tolls

The news is out: Captain Atom, Resurrection Man and Voodoo join the already announced Justice League International as being cancelled. Annoyingly (though I doubt DC did it just to piss me off) all four titles are ones I read.

Of them, I'll definitely miss Justice League International the most - it was always good, solid superheroics with (at least at the start) a touch of humour and fun about it. Resurrection Man always had potential, I thought, and was consistently good. Captain Atom meandered a little, never really sure of what it was trying to be but it was never terrible. And Voodoo, despite the negative press at the start, was never terrible either; Ron Marz was shunted off too soon in my opinion but Josh Williamson wasn't doing a bad job with the title, and it had the always lovely art of Sami Basri.

Replacing them are Talon and Team 7 which don't appeal - one's too tied into the Bat-universe for me to bother with, the other just doesn't grab me enough, but both Phantom Stranger and Sword of Sorcery have enough going for me to pick them up.

Thoughts from you guys?


  1. Yeah, I was enjoying Voodoo. The clone twist threw me for a loop (you know when something happens, and you don't know if it's a stroke of genius or a shark jump?) but it seemed to be going somewhere interesting. Oh well, frees up a slot on my pull list...

    Of the new four:

    Sword of Sorcery: Definitely get.
    Phantom Stranger: Interested. Unless it's panned, I'll pick up the trade when it comes out.
    Team 7: Unsure - depends on the reviews.
    Talon: Read very little of the Court of the Owls storyline so this doesn't really interest me. Probably skip the trade unless it gets good buzz.

    1. I agree the clone switch came as a surprise and it seemed to be working but obviously not enough for DC to continue publishing it. Shame as it really wasn't that bad.


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