Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Justice League Movie?

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SuperheroHype claim that Warner Bros are making plans for a Justice League movie, tying together the various DC heroes in one film.

It's a sad fact (only from the point of view of being a DC fan - I actually enjoyed most of the films) that Marvel has, over the last few years, cornered the market in superhero films with the success of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and the like all leading up to this year's uber-successful Avengers film while DC have had next to no luck.

Sure, Christopher Nolan's Batman films are fantastic but he's said before that in his cinematic world, there are no other heroes, particularly super-powered ones. While I enjoyed Superman Returns, it was perhaps too much of a homage to the 70's Donner films to actually kick-start a new franchise. And as much as I wanted to enjoy last year's Green Lantern film, it just didn't really work. But at least they all did better than the ill-fated Wonder Woman TV series.

Will Warner Bros (who seem to have forgotten they own DC and thus some of the most iconic characters around) bother setting up a series of four or five films to lead into a League movie? Will the current love for cinematic super-heroes still be around in the time it takes to film them? Or will they just jump straight in with a League film just to cash in on the Avengers success?

My preference would be to follow the Marvel route and do several films building to a team event. Sure, Marvel's already done it but wasn't part of the success of Avengers down to the anticipation of seeing those heroes together? If Warner Bros/DC can replicate that, I've a feeling that it'd be more successful than just throwing a bunch of heroes into a film straight off the bat.

I mean, that didn't work last time, did it?

Next year we get the new Superman film, Man of Steel. What's the betting we get a post-credits scene where Superman stands on a skyscraper, looking out across Metropolis before Batman walks into view and one of them says something like "I was wondering when we'd get a chance to meet,"

How cool would that be?


  1. it's funny when it comes to films Marvel seems to have it down better. but when it comes to animated TV shows Marvel has perpetually sucked after the 80s. where as DC knows how to do it right (but no always a la Teen Titans and Batman: Brave n Bold) as Young Justice proves.

    1. I agree, most of the DC animated stuff I've seen has been pretty good; trouble is, movies is where the money is.


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