Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bard Wars

So . . . Luke and Lando are trying to pick up some TIE fighters so that they can masquerade as imperials for a mission but the problem is, the bloke they're trying to get them from is a shady, double-crossing no-good nerf herder. He has them stashed on an asteroid that's used as a dumping ground and when Luke and Lando go to get the fighters, they discover the bloke's guard dog - a huge, man-eating worm called Caesar.

Narrowly escaping the fiend, they discover a small group of other pilots who've been hiding out on the asteroid, unable to escape because of the vicious worm. Thankfully, Luke and Lando are confident they can come up with something to make sure everybody gets off the planet and they get the TIE fighters.

The other pilots may not get the reference, but it looks like Tatooine's schools managed to drill some Shakespeare into young Luke before he left.

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