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Who'd Like A Cocktail? #210

An extract from the Dr Arkham guide to picking up girls

First Cocktail of the new year - onwards!

ALL STAR WESTERN #15 - After giving the good Dr Arkham a dose of his formula, Hyde goes up against Jonah Hex and the pair spend most of the issue beating the crap out of each other, with Hex coming off worst. Arkham goes a little nuts but is finally restrained and locked up in an asylum while Hyde escapes to Slaughter Swamp.

Yet more splendid stuff from the team of Palmiotti and Gray; this really is a great book.

AQUAMAN #15 - the continuation of the Throne of Atlantis storyline with the heroes trying to save the drowned masses in Metropolis and Gotham. There's a grouchy, grumbling bonding moment between Aquaman and Batman before Arthur's given a chance to try and talk some sense into Ocean Master before the League turn up.

Anyone else think the League hardly gave Aquaman any time at all before barging in? And will the devastation in the cities be reflected in the Bat and Super titles? Not bad on the whole, though.

FATALE #11 - Jo tracks down a writer who seems to know something about her situation, something that even she's unaware of, and hears a tale of a cult's journey to Mexico and the toll it took on the writer's mother.

A splendid one-shot which serves to deepen the mystery around Jo, her power over men and the vaguely Lovecraftian links running throughout this series.

FURY MAX #8 - Fury and Castle fight the Vietnamese as well as they can but end up being captured anyway, all as part of Giap's plan. The Vietnamese general plans to parade them in a news conference along with proof of the CIA's involvement in drug running and money laundering, a scheme headed by the very same agents who put Fury on to the mission. Giap's not just after ruining the CIA, though: he wants to use this opportunity to end the war sooner than it probably will, a situation Castle's not happy with.

Cracking stuff, particularly that last couple of pages.

THE FURY OF FIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #15 - Captain Atom goes up against the Dr Megala controlled Firestorm who is clearly drunk on power, using his new abilities to cause an international incident with Qurac which, in turn, leads to a retaliatory attack against a US aircraft carrier. This prompts General Eiling to want Firestorm taken out which is where Captain Atom comes in. Just as Jason and Ronnie regain control over Firestorm, Atom attacks leading to Atom being dispersed (again!) through the timestream.

Good old superheroics from Dan Jurgens once again - and that's not a bad thing.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #15 - Superman and Wonder Woman are on a date while Batman's chasing down crooks with Aquaman's (unwanted) help when Atlantis attacks in retaliation for a missile strike on the ocean, one that looks to have been pre-meditated. It's part one of the Throne of Atlantis story but for all its bombast and splash pages it left me a little unimpressed. The Shazam back-up, though, was actually very good as Billy and Freddy deal with Billy's new powers and his reluctance to return to being just a kid again. And then Black Adam arrives.

Not bad, but the back-up won out this month.

TEEN TITANS #15 - the Titans head to Gotham where Red Robin's been captured by the Joker as part of the Death of the Family crossover. The Joker uses them to unwittingly spread his Joker venom leading to lots of people with big grins attacking them before the guys from Red Hood and the Outlaws arrive.

It was okay but, as I'm not a Batman reader, it left me a little uninterested.

And what made me smile:

Because really, a boy who uses crutches to get around discovers his best friend can fly is nothing short of awesome.


  1. That last panel is pretty good, even though I haven't enjoyed all aspects of this rebooted version of Captain Marvel, uh I mean, Shazam, especially Billy Batson's characterization. He just seems like a little shit, unlike the old Batson who seemed to really deserve those CM powers due to his inherent goodness. Sure you have to be more modern, and bit more realistic in portraying Batson now, but still....

    Oh, and love that quote by Dr.Arkham at the top of the page. Funny shit;)

    1. I don't know - there's something a little more gratifying to someone discovering what it is to be good rather than being a saint already. Sure he's annoying and, now that he has powers, he'll make mistakes (like alienating Freddy in this issue) but hopefully he'll come good in the end, making him appreciate what he has all the more.

      The whole "inherent goodness" thing seems a little lazy and it makes for a more interesting story (at least to me) to give the powers to some kid who has to earn the right to keep them.

      And you're right - Arkham's great! If you're not reading All Star Western, you're missing a treat!


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