Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New DCU Team?

I saw this post over at Erin's blog and it intrigued me enough to comment on it over here. Erin found a photo from artist R.B. Silva which seems to depict an unusual grouping of DC characters:

and he includes a line about not being able to talk about it. The characters involved are Nightwing, Batgirl, Booster Gold, Hawkman, Shazam, Black Canary and Red Tornado.

  • Nightwing and Batgirl on a team together? Sounds a little redundant to me
  • Booster back in action is no bad thing
  • Hawkman is, as far as I'm aware, going to be in the new Justice League of America
  • Shazam is slated to join the ranks of the established Justice League
  • Black Canary still heads up the Birds of Prey as far as I know
  • Red Tornado is the one that piques my curiosity most - she's already appeared in Earth 2, albeit not active, and there's an embargo on the duplication of names between the two universes, over and above a handful of them, and the figure in that picture appears to be male. That also ties in with what T.O. Morrow said in the most recent Justice League issue.
Are we looking at an alternate League? Something that comes out of Trinity War? Or just an artist enjoying himself? I can't think of anything that immediately links these characters.


  1. Some of it overlaps the Justice League of America book. It may be a line-up replacing the current Justice League team, even temporarily. As you suggested, possibly concerning Trinity War.

    1. Hmm, temporary League following the Trinity War maybe? Nice idea.

  2. I just hope it's not another new DC team, there are too ruddy many! Intriguing, nonetheless!

    1. Too many teams, Martin? Surely not!

      I think Erin posted a follow-up suggesting it may be a new JLI which, if we've got to have a new team, I'd be up for.


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