Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Just Good Friends

You knew this was going to happen, didn't you? I start reading old Star Wars stories and I'm going to find stuff that - in hindsight - doesn't really tie up with what we know now. Obvious case in point is Luke and Leia's relationship:

"Something more than friends" eh, Luke? How about brother and sister? Or isn't that what you were going for?


  1. Things like this make me call BS whenever I read Lucas saying he had it all figured out from the beginning....just come clean and admit you made some of it up as you went along!

    1. Yeah, he did make it up; the excellent "Secret History of Star Wars" by Michael Kaminski makes that clear. Vader wasn't even Luke's dad in the first couple of drafts of Empire Strikes Back - his dad appeared as a Force ghost to help him prepare to face Vader!

      The whole nine episodes, then three, then six, now nine again thing also winds me up, and the idea the story was meant to be the fall and redemption of Vader from the start is just nonsense.

      Stay tuned for more out of continuity Star Wars scans!


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