Sunday, 25 November 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #205

Yay for the return of straightforward super-heroics

Following a week of feeling unwell and then a huge amount of guilt at passing it on to Mrs Earth-Prime on the week of her birthday, normal service is resumed with the Sunday round-up of this week's comics, now with clickable cover scans!

THE FURY OF FIRESTORM #13 - was it me or am I getting this issue later than the rest of the world? Either way, Dan Jurgens takes over as writer and penciller and I for one couldn't be happier. There's now a single Firestorm, a return to the almost classic Ronnie Raymond as the physical aspect with Jason Rusch now acting as the Martin Stein floating psychic head half of the character. New villains are quickly introduced (literally, they all refer to each other by their code-names in their first panel) and secrets hidden behind secrets are hinted at.

Straightforward superheroics at its best.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #14 - after Kyle manages to master compassion of the Indigo Tribe offscreen, there's a handy re-cap as to why he's trying to get a handle on all the other emotions: he wants to save Ganthet from the other Guardians. Carol gets a metaphorical slap-down from the Zamarons who, unknown to her, have teamed up with the Guardians to destroy all the Corps. Kyle heads off, finds Arkillo and channels fear before heading off to find Larfleeze, with Arkillo tagging along in the hopes of finding and killing Sinestro.

Not bad; it jumped about a bit too much, too quickly but was okay.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #14 -Superman's still possessed by the Cheetah spirit but thankfully the local tribe have a way of dealing with the infection and are able to communicate thanks to Cyborg which leads to one thing that made me groan. The priestess says of Superman "Some victims have lived long enough that they go into anaphylactic shock. They undergo a <untranslateable> metamorphosis" Sure, Cyborg can translate "anaphylactic" and "metamorphosis" but not what? "Weird"? "Strange"? "Cat-like"? Either way, while Supes gets better the rest of the team head off and capture Cheetah (including a splash page of Wonder Woman in classic boobs and butts pose) before they catch her. Ah, but it's all a feint and she meant to be captured anyway. Oh, and Batman is back to his spying ways again, watching Supes and Wonder Woman get it on in a cornfield. Next thing you know he'll have files on how to take down his fellow Leaguers, they'll get stolen by a villain, and round and round it goes.

SWORD OF SORCERY #2 - Amy and her mother learn a bit more about what's been happening since they left Gemworld while inter-family arguments in the other houses stir up trouble and Amy's aunt hires some assassins. There's a lot going on featuring a lot of characters in different houses, all with odd names. If you're used to reading big fantasy novels, you probably won't find that a problem; for me, it's a little confusing, I have to admit. The Beowulf back-up continues to intrigue with its habit of throwing in references to current DCU characters while being in a setting that is clearly either a post-apocalyptic future or an alternate Earth.

And what made me smile:

Kyle's right - Hal is kind of a jerk.

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