Thursday, 8 November 2012

New DC Series

It's been all over the net for the last couple of days so this is anything but breaking news, but I figured I'd chime in on the new DC series that were recently announced.

First up is Vibe.

No, seriously, DC are producing an ongoing solo series starring Vibe, quite possibly one of the most reviled characters they've ever produced. Can you think of another single hero that's been hated for so long and by so many? I can't.

But for whatever reason, a new Vibe series has been announced, written by Andrew Kreisberg who, according to this article, will be writing about Cisco "Paco" Ramone - no idea why they've decided to give him a new first name but I won't be picking this up. I only know Kreisberg's work from his run on Green Arrow/Black Canary from a few years ago which I didn't enjoy at all.

The other series is Katana, another minor character that's being given a chance to shine in the spot light.

As with Vibe, it's being written by a writer that I've read books by: Ann Nocenti. It was her god-awful run on the most recent Green Arrow series that made me drop the book, one of only a handful of instances where I've done that. As I've said before, I managed to stick with Teen Titans when Felicia Henderson was writing it so Nocenti's work had to be something else for me to drop it.

With that in mind, that'll be another new series I won't be picking up.

Having mentioned Green Arrow, I notice that with Nocenti moving over to Katana, Jeff Lemire will be taking over Ollie's adventures. Tempting as that is - because I really like his writing - I don't think I'll be rejoining that series either.

It can't be any coincidence that both Vibe and Katana will be appearing in next year's Justice League of America series, not to mention Green Arrow who with his new TV series is getting a bit more attention. That's obviously being used as a springboard for both of them but it's not going to tempt me.


  1. I'm going to at least give Katana a try, but I like Nocenti's Green Arrow, so no real surprise. It isn't great, but I've enjoyed the conflicts she's set before Oliver.

    Of course, I'll be dropping Green Arrow as she moves off it, so there won't be any net change in the number of DC books I'm buying.

    1. Each to their own, but if I were you I'd pick up Lemire's Green Arrow and leave Katana!


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