Monday, 5 November 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #45

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got either of the Tempests' chances.

SYRENE - anybody else remember the days when Superman would battle demons in the future? No? Chances are we won't be seeing Syrene again, then.

TALA - while we've seen the Phantom Stranger is back in the DCU, it seems unlikely, I think, that we'll see his enemy Tala again.

TALIA - I'm assuming that as we have Damien Wayne still running round as Robin, Talia is still around as his mother, if only in the background. I don't think she's appeared as yet (still writing this at the start of April) but I'll put her in the possible list.

TAMARAN - as we've still got Starfire in the DCU, I guess we'll still have Tamaran but either way it's a planet not a character so doesn't get counted.

TANNARAK - the other recurring villain for the Phantom Stranger, I don't think we'll see him either. The Stranger works best when wandering around being mysterious as opposed to actually fighting people.

TARA - the wife of the Warlord, I refer regular readers to every other entry about Skataris-based characters. At the moment (early April, remember) there are no plans to revive Warlord so it seems unlikely we'll see her again.

TARANTULA - the Earth-2 we're getting in a few weeks time (April, people - the lead time on these articles is enormous!) has nothing to do with World War Two so it seems very unlikely we'll see any of the All Star Squadron specific heroes, including Tarantula.

THE TATTOOED MAN - we had a new Tattooed Man for a while around the time of Final Crisis who was sort of a hero then not. Don't think we've seen either the original or the new one for a while now so we probably don't have to worry about them showing up.

TAZ - Atari Force member. Move along.

THE TEEN TITANS - despite some confusion about who has or hasn't been a member of a team called the Teen Titans and when the first got together, the group are definitely out and about in the DCU at the moment.

TITANS' TOWER - a building so it's not getting included.

TELLUS - one of the Legion's members, I was going to say I had no idea whether or not we'd see him but it looks like he's been appearing in the Legion Lost book.

TEMPEST - this is Joshua Clay from the Doom Patrol, not Aquaman's sidekick. As such, we won;t be seeing him again.

TEMPEST - and this is a member of Atari Force. So no, we won't be seeing him either.

TEN-EYED MAN - haha! Wasn't he killed off because either Marv Wolfman or George Perez hated the idea of such a ridiculous character being in the DCU?

So in summary two in place (Teen Titans and Tellus) no definite predictions and one possible (Talia al Ghul)


  1. Yeah, Talia's popping up. The Ten-Eyed Man showed up around about 52, didn't he, and may still be part of Batman's past ... I don't think he's been referenced, though. I see that on the Brave and the Bold TV show a version was defeated by being made to catch a cactus. Ha!

    1. "defeated by being made to catch a cactus"? Haha! That is just superb!


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