Sunday, 18 November 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #204

Garth Ennis's indictment of the superhero genre

Sunday afternoon comics round-up; brief today as I'm feeling terrible - man-flu, don't you know?

THE BOYS #72 - Ennis's horrific take on superheroes comes to an end; a few dangling plot points are tied up and there's a surprise ending but it's all over and done with. I shall miss this series. Month in and month out it's been among the best out there.

CROSSED: BADLANDS #17 - Clooney begins to enact his revenge on Welles though things don't go entirely as planned. Not sure how much longer I'll continue with this series; it's beginning to feel a little repetitive.

DEMON KNIGHTS #14 - plots and counter plots, betrayal and surprises abound in this excellent issue. Really going to miss Paul Cornell when he leaves as this is one of my favourite series, in main due to the characters and how they're written.

FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E. #14 - Frank and Velocoro track down and dispatch the three Colossi to find the pieces of the soul-grinder but at a cost. I've said in previous posts about this series that Matt Kindt's pacing has been all over the shop; here, as he slows it down, it works a treat and it's a shame that the book seems to have found its feet just after news of its cancellation.

GREEN LANTERN CORPS #14 - the Guardians' plan to remove Guy Gardner from the Corps come to fruition as he plays into their hands and is forced to resign. Meanwhile Kilowog and Salaak discover something's not right with the Guardians and John Stewart meets up with Fatality again. Splendid stuff; it's all building up nicely.

PHANTOM STRANGER #2 - the Stranger gets visited first by Pandora and then Belial, eldest son of Trigon, both of whom end up threatening him while he attempts to continue a normal life with his family. Dr Thirteen appears asking for his help in combating an hereditary bad guy (probably linked to the original appearance in All-Star Western) and Jim "The Spectre" Corrigan's on his trail as well. Not bad, but I'm not enjoying the art.

SAUCER COUNTRY #9 - Governor Alvarado survives an apparent assassination attempt while Professor Kidd tries to get to the bottom of the Men in Black . . . that shouldn't have sounded so rude. Conspiracies and political shenanigans abound. Good stuff.

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