Monday, 15 October 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #42

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got a Spook's chance.

SONAR - is there anything more terrifying than a villain armed with a gun shaped like a tuning fork? Hmmm, now that I put it like that . . . I don't think Geoff Johns will be revitalising Sonar any time soon.

SON OF VULCAN - yeah, don't think this guy will be showing up.

SPACE CABBIE - despite an appearance in Starman, I somehow doubt that James Robinson will be doing anything with this character over in Earth-2.

SPACE MUSEUM - while it may get an appearance somewhere along the lines, it's a building, not a character so I'm not counting it.

THE SPACE RANGER - a hero from a more innocent time, like Space Cabbie he appeared in Starman a while back and despite one or two other minor appearances, I really doubt he'll be around by the end of the year.

SPANNER'S GALAXY - ummmmm . . . . no, no I don't think so.

THE SPAWN OF FRANKENSTEIN - despite the name, this is actually the Frankenstein Monster and as such gets into the in place column by virtue of appearing (albeit looking very different) in the excellent Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E.

THE SPECTRE - I don't think we've seen much of the Spectre at all over the last couple of years apart from one or two appearances in Green Lantern. I'd like to think that James Robinson will find some way to put him in the JSA over in Earth-2 so he goes into the possible column.

SPEEDY - both Earth-1 and -2 versions are shown in Who's Who but they're essentially the same character. Roy Harper has long abandoned the Speedy identity for Arsenal and currently appears in Red Hood And The Outlaws so I'm at a loss on how to call this one. Arsenal is in place but no-one's using the Speedy name right now as we lost Mia Dearden post-Flashpoint.

SPELLBINDER - surely a candidate for one of the worst costumes ever? Let's not bring him back, eh?

SPIDER GUILD - don't think this alien race has shown up anywhere but by all means let me know if I'm wrong.

THE SPOOK - one of Batman's lesser-known villains, I can't see him appearing by the end of the year.

SPORTSMASTER - I'm fairly sure James Robinson name-checked him in an interview about the forthcoming Earth-2 (this is being written in early April, folks!) but in a dismissive way so I doubt he'll be around.

STALKER - good lord no.

STAR BOY - for a while, Star Boy / Starman was the time and dimension tossed hero who'd come from the future via Earth-22 (Kingdom Come) and landed on the New Earth post-Infinite Crisis. All that, of course, is now moot, and he appears back in the pages of Legion of Super Heroes.

STARFINGER - an enemy of the Legion, I've no real idea whether or not he'll turn up. Dave Sopko, the official COEP Legion go to guy, says "Criminal last seen in the 80's. Do not think he will be returning this year...possibly ever again."

So in summary two in place (Frankenstein and Star Boy) no definite predictions and one possible (the Spectre)


  1. Well, I know you know but let's say it - Space Cabbie and Space Ranger are coming in the just-announced Threshold (wouldn't be at all surprised to see the Spider Guild show up there, too), though probably not this year. And Spectre is back as of Phantom Strange #0.

    1. Yep, noticed them pair in the article about Giffen's new series. And while I was wrong about the Spectre heading to Earth-2, at least we've got him back.

      Am frantically collating everything from these posts into a summary document... which I maybe should have started six months ago!


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