Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Badlands Bingo

Anyone who's read a copy of Crossed or Crossed: Badlands will know that there's a very high likelihood of most of the cast dying horribly by the time the story arc's finished. As a new story's just started in last week's Crossed: Badlands #14, I thought we'd play a game. Here are the main character's in this arc:

#1 - Clooney, our erstwhile protagonist and narrator, an emetophobe and reluctant cuckold who has no self-confidence or self-respect.

#2 - Tabitha, Clooney's girlfriend at the start of the issue although that situation changes by the end as she ends up with . . .

#3 - Jared, the sexist jock type who doesn't care what others think and takes the willing Tabitha to his room at the end of the first night.

#4 - Wendy who, with her tie-dye skirt, ankh necklace and ying/yang tattoo has something of the hippy about her.

#5 - Jae, the slightly overweight angry young man who is encouraged to act out his raging, violent fantasies.

#6 - Arm Guy, he has no dialogue and isn't introduced, though he appears to have some sort of tattoo or disfigurement on his left arm.

#7 - Goth Girl who again isn't introduced and has no dialogue so we don't know much about her, although that pink bracelet looks out of place.

#8 - Red Head Girl, another silent unknown.

Each of them have been invited to the retreat of a radical, outrageous writer:

#9 - Gideon Welles. Is it me or is there a deliberate touch of Grant Morrison about him?

I'm sure it's coincidence.

#10 - Lastly, there's the police office who witnesses the arrival of the Crossed.

So here's the game - out of the ten characters above, who's going to die horribly next issue?

My money's on Red Head Girl and Jae.

Leave your guesses in the comments (come on, folks, I don't often beg for participation!) and come back in two weeks' time for more Badlands Bingo.

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