Thursday, 25 October 2012

Kneel Before Me, My Minions

So anyway, DC Comics have a personality test on their website . . . a Super-Villain personality test.

And I had to take it, didn't I?

Me? Evil genius?

It must be true - it's an on-line personality test and they never lie, do they?

Now, faithful lackeys, about my secret lair . . .


  1. Is my comments going through? ;p

    1. Yes they are - comments on older posts have to wait for me to publish them to prevent spam getting through but I only have so many hours in the day!

      Thanks for commenting, though, and welcome to the blog!

  2. I got the same as you, which is kind of strange since he night before I had a dream which suggested more of a homicidal maniac type. I do like the idea of secret bases and hordes of loyal henchmen.

    1. Homicidal maniac, you say? Well... lovely to meet you... do feel free to call again... anything I can do to help...

      Minions! Save me!


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