Friday, 5 October 2012


Two of the best pages of comic art. Ever.

I remember reading this Judge Dredd story in 2000AD way back when and being blown away not only by Judge Death's return but by the appearance of his three deadly comrades, Judges Mortis, Fire and Fear.

Judge Fear had a great look, simple but really effective - big cloak, mantrap shoulder pads and that bat-winged, gated helmet.

Thankfully, Dredd wasn't as impressed as I was:

"Gaze into the fist of Dredd!"

It doesn't get better than that.

Bigger versions of these pages can be found at Brian Bolland's blog.


  1. did you see the movie yet? if so what did you think?

    1. I saw it; think it was released a couple of weeks earlier over here than in the States. Thoroughly enjoyed it; violent and bloody with enough of the background of Dredd's world thrown in to give a hint of things to come without flooding the main story.

      I know it didn't do that well in the States which is a real shame as that compromises the possibility of a sequel which I'd really like to see.

      Did you see it?


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