Sunday, 21 October 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #200

Barry Allen proves he's incapable of reading the situation between two people

Wow. 200 Cocktail posts. You'd think I'd pull my finger out and celebrate somehow, wouldn't you?

BLUE BEETLE #13 - Jaime ends up on Reachworld where his scarab has to help him blend in, knowing that if they're discovered, they'll both be killed. There's someone else on Reachworld, though, who's been a host for the same scarab - Sky Witness, the High Priest of the Maya as seen in last month's #0 - who's been resting in honour for centuries. Woken by the proximity of the scarab, he wants it back. Jaime, meanwhile, meets Khaji-Kai, another scarab whose host has been gaining autonomy since the attack on the home world of the Blue Lanterns and together, they make a deal to destroy all the other scarabs.

A good fun issue and while it's a shame its finishing, at least Jaime's heading to the new Threshold series.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #13 - Atrocitus - at the urging of Carol Ferris - is training Kyle to channel his inner rage. How does he do this? First by beating the snot out of him, then by showing him terrorists at work. Eventually Kyle goes all Red Lantern before heading back to Carol and starting out on finding Arkillo of the Sinestro Corps to learn how to channel fear. Meanwhile, the Third Army are absorbing more recruits.

Aside from learning that much of Kyle's origins have made it through to the New 52, there wasn't a great deal in this issue.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #13 - Wonder Woman battles the Cheetah while the League worry about her and whether she can overcome her feelings for her old friend and actually defeat her. Meanwhile, Steve Trevor is released from his role as League liaison and ends up starting a team with Green Arrow - the forthcoming Justice League of America.

It's not bad although it's not that brilliant either. The only thing that gave me pause was Trevor apparently having been spied on by someone we, the readers, couldn't see. With all the shadows in the room, I wonder if Nightshade has made an unannounced return?

SAUCER COUNTRY #8 - Governor Alvarado's plan to get to the White House continues while around her, her staff continue their own adventures - Professor Kidd interviews an alien abduction victim, while her ex-husband drinks and has visions of aliens.

This is another good, slow burning issue - it's all going to be worth re-reading in one long run soon.

SWORD OF SORCERY #1 - Amy and her mother continue their battle against the soldiers of Amy's aunt before Amy's mother unleashes her magical powers . . . and skewers the remaining soldiers on spikes of amethyst. They leave a message for Amy's aunt, Mordiel, asking her to give up the hatred of them. Elsewhere the Lords of Diamond plan to ally themselves with whomever wins.

The Beowulf back-up becomes a little more interesting as, on their journey back to the hall, Beowulf and his new guide come across ancient battle robots built by Waynetech.

Good fun on the whole after last issue.

And what made me smile:

Because nothing says deadly enemy like a pratfall!

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