Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #196

Always trust your scarab, that's what I say.

Late comics round-up due to being away with family. Onwards!

BLUE BEETLE #0 - we get a potted history of Jaime Reyes's scarab, Khaji-Da, which apparently includes a quick look at a younger version of Lady Styx, the villain introduced a few years ago in 52 or one of the other Infinite Crisis follow-ups, I can't remember. But the scarab ends up on Earth and, eventually, into the hands of Jaime which means no Dan Garrett and no Ted Kord. Not really any surprise there but a little disappointment nonetheless. All of which leaves Jaime floating near the Reach's homeworld heading to a confrontation next issue.

I was convinced I'd read something to the effect this was finishing with this issue but thankfully I was wrong.

CAPTAIN ATOM #0 - one that has finished though is poor old Captain Atom. As with the other 0 issues, we get an origin (complete with yet another nod to Dr Manhattan) but also a wrap-up as the series comes to an end. Sad to see it go as on the whole I've enjoyed this series but at least he's turning up in forthcoming Firestorm stories.

GREEN LANTERN: NEW GUARDIANS #0 - well, I say the 0 issues contain origins; this one may as well have been #13 for all the difference that 0 makes.Carol Ferris discovers Hal's bought an engagement ring but also that he's apparently dead. She also teams up with Kyle to finish off the zombies brought back by Black hand in recent Green Lantern issues before delivering a vision showing Kyle wearing the costumes of the other Corps.

Not bad at all; Carol's new Star Sapphire costume works a darn sight better than the recent stripper version and there's a nice epilogue featuring the Guardians and the Zamarons.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #0 - the League are nowhere to be seen as the Shazam! back-up goes front and centre as Billy Batson convinces the last of the wizards that he's been wasting his time trying to find a pure soul as no such thing exists, forcing him to make do with Billy. Shazam's first outing isn't exactly the epitome of nobility but at least he saves someone from a bad guy and he and Freddy have some fun.

Enjoyable on the whole.

THE SHADOW #5 - the Japanese head inland to find the secret rock that they can make a weapon out of before the Shadow arrives just as they betray Wong. While Kondo and the other Japanese head across land, they discover that Wong's betrayed them as well, giving them a worthless shipment of dirt, leading to next issue when, I'm sure, the Shadow will arrive to mete out his own justice.

Oh it's okay, but honestly? It's nothing special.

SWORD OF SORCERY #0 - Amy Winston and her mother have moved from town to town, her mum forcing her to learn how to use a sword in the evenings when all she wants to be is a normal girl. She tries to make friends but on the night she turns 17, her mother takes her out to the woods and uses a gem to transport them both to Nilaa where they're part of the royal Amethyst family and are in danger of being hunted and killed by Amy's aunt, her mother's sister.

It wasn't a terrible start though it's a shame blonde hair is a "mark of the Amethyst bloodline" as Amy was a lot more interesting and less generic with multi-coloured dyed hair. And then there's the attempted gang-rape that she prevents. That's right: attempted gang-rape. Jesus, DC, what are you doing?

And what made me smile:

Sounds fair to me.


  1. Maybe Earth 2 can use Dan as Blue Beetle. I don't think DC knows what to do with Ted Kord.

    1. Sad to say, there's a moratorium of heroes doubling up with names between Earth 2 and the main DC Earth, with the exception of Supes, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Hawkgirl and the Atom. Even Terry Sloan became Mr 8 rather than Mr Terrific.

      I don't think we'll be seeing Ted for many a year, more's the pity.


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