Thursday, 13 September 2012

Talk To The Badge

As well as providing some choice dialogue, last week's Phantom Stranger #0 also made me scratch my head with another moment where script and art in a Dan DiDio written comic didn't really mesh. Snell over at Slay, Monstrobot... beat to the punch last time but it seems to have happened again.

When introduced to the new Jim Corrigan before he becomes the Spectre, he's railing against Captain Hopkins in the latter's office:

It's clearly an enclosed office with a chair, a notice board and a desk with a lamp, in/out tray and a name plate.

Unhappy about the lack of progress in finding his kidnapped sweetheart, the "famous Corrigan temper" gets the better of our spirit-to-be and he quits the force:

Despite Hopkins having told Corrigan that they're doing everything they can a moment before, he suddenly tells the force to double up the men on the case:

Or does he?

There's no intercom on his desk, there's no-one else in the room and that thing he's talking into?

It's Corrigan's badge!

How exactly is he getting double the men on the case? Who is he telling? Why doesn't the art show him shouting out of the door or talking into an intercom?!

We need to know!


  1. It's obviously a Star Trek: The Next Generation-style communicator badge.

    1. I honestly thought that it was some sort of hand-held communicator thing when I read it first time! Then, when I saw the badge...


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