Monday, 17 September 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #38

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got a Roving Ranger's chance.

THE RED TORNADO AND THE CYCLONE KIDS - while Ma Hunkle had something of a revival as the housekeeper for the reformed Justice Society, I can't see her making an appearance in the new Earth-2 series.

RED TORNADO - he's an android! He's blown apart! He's the Tornado Champion! He's blown apart! He's the Tornado Tyrant! He's blown apart! He's a wind elemental! He's blown apart! He glimpses the multiverse! He's blown apart! Blimey, poor old Tornado's had it rough over the years. Don't think we've seen him yet (I'm writing this at the start of April) though hints about his creator T.O. Morrow were dropped in Justice League early on so while he may show at some point, I don't think it'll be before the end of 2012.

THE REVERSE FLASH - a fairly large player in last year's Flashpoint event, he ended up being killed by the Thomas Wayne Batman at the end of it all and, as far as I know, hasn't been seen since at the time of writing (early April). However, with the Rogues definitely coming back to plague Flash, I can't see the Reverse Flash not making an appearance so he's going in the possibles.

REX THE WONDER DOG - it would be nice to see him again but I think he belongs to a more innocent time so I sort of doubt he'll be around.

RICHARD DRAGON - I think the last time we saw Richard Dragon was when he was tutoring Renee Montoya as the new Question. Doubtful that we'll see him again for a while, though.

THE RIDDLER - having Gotham without the Riddler seems highly unlikely though a quick check on the internet seems to show that he hasn't appeared as yet (early April remember). With that in mind, I'm going to put him in the definite column because I just can't see Batman without him.

RIP HUNTER - despite having had a brief return to the DCU in the pages of Booster Gold and Time Masters: Vanishing Point, it looks like Rip won't be around for a while which is a shame as I always liked the guy.

ROBIN - bearing in mind this issue of Who's Who was cover dated September 1986, there are two Robins featured, one is Dick Grayson, the adult Robin of Earth-2 who won't be appearing as it's already been revealed that the Huntress was actually Robin in the new Earth-2 series. The other is Jason Todd who is still the happy-go-lucky Grayson clone rather than the Batmobile tire stealing delinquent that readers would come to hate. While neither of these are actually Robin these days, Damien Wayne is currently filling the green booties so Robin as a character goes into the in place column.

ROBOTMAN - while the original E-2 version of Robert Crane might show up in Earth-2 I wouldn't bet on it too highly but he'll go into the possibles just in case. The Cliff Steele version, though, is sort of difficult to call as he appears in My Greatest Adventure which, strictly speaking, isn't part of the New 52. However, if I'm going to take the Chief's small appearance in that title, on second thoughts I have to say that Robotman is in place as well.

ROSE AND THE THORN - I don't think either of the Earth-1 or Earth-2 versions featured in Who's Who will be making an appearance any time soon.

ROSTOV - another character from Skataris and the pages of Warlord which means, as far as I know, he won't be showing up.

THE ROVING RANGER - while most Old West characters are ending up as possibles due to All Star Western being a success, I can't see the Roving Ranger coming back!

THE ROYAL FLUSH GANG - there have been various versions of these guys, from the original five piece led by Amos Fortune to the almost numberless organisation in the run-up to Infinite Crisis via the corporate boardroom version that attempted to recruit Max Lord. We'll probably see them again at some point in one form or another but I don't think it'll be before the end of the year.

ROY RAYMOND - another pipe-smoking detective from yesteryear who probably won't be showing up in the New 52.

So in summary two already in place (Robin and E-1 Robotman) one definite (Riddler) and two possibles (Reverse Flash and E-2 Robotman)


  1. So, we have Rip Hunter referenced in JLI Annual last month, so he'll appear, but I reckon that's going to be in the new JLA book, so not this year.

    1. I agree, Martin - it seems likely he'll show in the new JLA book next year.

  2. Rose and Thorn are the stars in this month's National Comics...

    1. Yeah, I'd written this piece before that was announced and when I heard about their return just thought "Oh bugger, I've completely missed that one."

      I'm not very good at this prediction lark!


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