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Who Was Who Is Who #8

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So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, and with DC's New 52 well under way (how long are they keeping that title do you think?) I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of this year, who might make it and who hasn't got a Chris KL-99's chance.

CATWOMAN - like Batman, there was never any real doubt that some version of Catwoman would appear in the new DCU. That the current Selina went and shagged Batman on a Gotham roof in her first issue cause the internet to melt down, however, making a lot of people wonder what had happened to the Catwoman they knew and loved. Not being a Bat/Cat reader, I wasn't particularly worried. With James Robinson's forthcoming Earth-2 title, however, I'm curious as to whether the Catwoman of E2 will still be married to E2's Batman and whether the Huntress (due to appear in the forthcoming Worlds' Finest) is going to be their daughter. So, E1 (or whatever) Catwoman in place, E2 Catwoman a possible.

THE CAVALIER - ah, the swashbuckling Batman villain. Nah, can't see him turning up.

CAVE CARSON - the DCU's resident spelunker, Cave hasn't appeared anywhere, except for the odd cameo, for a good few years now; for some reason, caving adventures appear to be further down the list of marketable comics than war stories, medieval knights or cowboys. Will we see him by year's end? Afriad I'm going with a no here.

CELSIUS - ex-wife of the Doom Patrol's Chief, she appeared out of nowhere, bummed around with the Patrol for a while before apparently dying during the Invasion a few years later. Aside from a few cameos, I don't think we've seen anything of her since then and with the Doom Patrol currently MIA from the New 52, I can't see Celsius re-appearing either.

CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN - a nice easy one here as it was announced a couple of months ago (from the time of writing in mid-Jan) that the Challs will be appearing in DC Universe Presents in a new and updated form.

CHAMELEON BOY - and another simple one, Chameleon Boy appears in Legion of Super-Heroes along with most of the other Legionnaires.

CHANGELING - honestly, I can never remember whether he's Changeling or Beast Boy from one day to the next. A perennial member of the Teen Titans, we've yet to see little lettuce head in those pages and, as far as I'm aware, he hasn't been slated to appear anywhere else. With that in mind, I'm going to put him down as a possible by the end of 2012.

CHEETAH - from what I've read of the relaunched Wonder Woman, the emphasis seems to be more on the mythological side of things rather than more traditional superheroics so the chances of Cheetah turning up to challenge Wonder Woman are, I guess, fairly remote. That said, there's always Earth-2 but I'm still going to go with a no.

CHEMICAL KING - an old Legionnaire who, at last count, was dead as far as I know so it seems unlikely he'll show any time soon.

CHEMO - destroyer of Earth-4's New York! Killer of Aquagirl! Ruiner of Bludhaven! A walking, gurgling bag of toxic waste, Chemo probably deserves a bit more respect than it gets. Will it appear in the new DCU, though? I'm going for not.

CHESHIRE - with Roy Harper aka Arsenal made younger in the pages of Red Hood and The Outlaws, it seems unlikely that he's had any sort of relationship with Cheshire in this brave new world. That said, though, it wouldn't surprise me if she turned up either there or somewhere else by year's end so I'm putting her in the possibles.

THE CHIEF - leader of the (currently) nowhere to be found Doom Patrol. With DC Universe Presents about to start a new story arc featuring the Challengers of the Unknown, it wouldn't surprise me if they use that anthology title to feature the Doom Patrol at some point. If they do, will they get an appearance before the end of the year? Possible, but cutting it fine if they do.

CHLOROPHYLL KID - hmmm . . . the Legion of Substitute Heroes member who wears a costume that looks like a tree. No, can't see him appearing.

CHRIS KL-99 - I'm all for science fiction but, please, can we have some good sci-fi instead of this guy?

Summary for this week: two already in place (Catwoman and Chameleon Boy); one definite (Challengers of the Unknown); and four possibles (E2 Catwoman, Changeling, Cheshire and the Chief)


  1. I think Cave Carson was at least mentioned recently. But it may have been Dane Dorrance ...

    The Chief's bound to be around as Robotman has hinted at a Doom Patrol in My Greatest Adventure.

    Changeling/Beast Boy,you'll know by now, is turning up in the stupidly named ravagers.

    And the Huntress mini has had her state that she's a cat person - wonder why! ;)

    This is fun!

    1. Was Robotman in My Greatest Adventure? Hmm, have to bear that in mind when I get to him - I've written up to issue 12 at the moment; frantically trying to get as many done before the solicits give it all away each month!

      As to Changeling - that's one possible I was right on!

      Glad you're enjoying it, Martin!

  2. The Cheetah is probably one of WW's most prominent non-mythological villains. I can see the spilt-personality getting some mileage in the New 52.

    I liked Celsius; she seemed like DC's answer to Storm in 1977. Then she seemed delusional and died. But the DP always comes back.

    I really look forward to these posts.

    1. Still not convinced about the Cheetah myself but am really hoping the Doom patrol get some sort of spotlight.

      Glad you like them, too, Dougie - they're kinda fun and nostalgic at the same time for me.

  3. sigh . . look at those legs on Catwoman. Dave Stevens, now there's an artist that really knows how to draw women especially well.

    1. You say that, but doesn't her left leg look half as long again as her right?

  4. There's no way Cheetah won't show up in some form, she's Diana's most famous foe. And if Wondy villains really have to be myth-based at the moment, well, George Perez gave her a god-linked origin.

    Yes, the Robotman serial in MGA has been a fun ride. The last couple of issues have tweaked his origin in a clever way. Fun script from Matt Kindt and excellent art from Scott Kolins.

    1. Oh Cheetah will probably show up but remember, these are my predictions for who will show before the end of 2012.

      Wonder if the MGA stuff will be collected at some point?

  5. Chemical King is indeed still dead.

    Chlorophyll Kid appeared in the Action Comics story Superman and the LSH, so another appearance by him is not out of the question...or any of the subs for that matter.

    1. Chlorophyll Kid's been shown recently? Blimey, shows what I know.

      By the way, Dave - did you get my email?

  6. And here we have it, The Chief - unnamed but instantly recognisable as the 'Captain' of some scientific group named U.N.R.E.A.S.O.N. in this week's My Greatest Adventure #6.

    1. Really? It's The Chief? Excellent news, thanks for letting me know!


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