Thursday, 2 February 2012

Watchmen 0.1

We all know Watchmen was originally conceived as starring the Charlton heroes that DC had acquired around the time Moore and Gibbons started work on it, yeah? And that after DC decided they wanted to keep using the Charlton characters, Moore set about creating his own analogs for them which became the characters we all know and love in what many consider to be one of the best comic books ever.

Well, what do you get if you add months of internet chatter and rumour around a proposed Watchmen sequel / series of prequels to a comic nerd currently teaching himself how best to use layers in Photoshop?

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you . . .

With huge apologies to Dave Gibbons, I figured I had to use something while I was playing around with layers and Watchmen has just been everywhere on the net for months and I couldn't get this image out of my head:

There's nothing I like more than spending hours working on something in Photoshop and having it end up looking like it was done in MS Paint . . .

Still, think I've got the hang of layers now.

By the way, the text for the logo was generated using this font so it's no wonder it's the best looking thing about this. I just coloured it in.

Well how's that for timing? I originally had this little post planned for yesterday but shifted it when I read the news about Jeff Lemire moving books. Had I posted this as planned, it would have hit around the time that DC announced Before Watchmen, the much-rumoured prequels. Just my luck.

And as much as I like Adam Hughes's artwork, am I the only one thinking Dr Manhattan and Silk Spectre look as though they're being . . . intimate . . . here:

Is it just me?


  1. (I think I have made two comments on your posts in the last two weeks....and Ithink both comments said essentially that same thing!)

    1. You either need to

      a) comment and disagree with me more often


      b) accept that my periodic telepathic control of you is working and I am slowly replacing your own views with mine.

      Either one's good for me.


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