Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Justice League #6 Cover

So there it is, the cover for Justice League #6 which shows up next week. From Jim Lee's brief article over at the DC Source blog:
"“I wanted to create a cover which resonated with what I consider to be the most classic Darkseid story – namely the Great Darkness Saga – so that entailed the Justice League bowing down naturally to the power of Darkseid,” said Lee. “Except of course Batman who, despite not having powers, fights with all his strength in defiance.”"
Every member of the League bowing to Darkseid except for Batman, eh?

And Superman who's imprisoned off to one side.

And Aquaman who looks like he's about to mount Wonder Woman.

Still, despite that - cool cover.


  1. that is a pretty sweet cover. i would be so much more inclined to getting this book if it wasn't for that ridiculous cover price.

    1. I'll certainly be glad when the Shazam! back-up starts - that'll make it a bit more value for money. The text pieces over the last few issues have just been laughable.

    2. yeah i hear about how the writing on that book has been less then stellar. but i'm delighted to say that the writing on Suicide Squad has been nothing less then fantastic. issue #6 is just the latest example, have you read my review yet? just don't be surprised if the cover price jumps to $4.99 (U.S. dollars) when that back up starts to run.

    3. The story's been solid enough but a bit too reliant on big, Jim Lee splash pages I think.

      Suicide Squad - I'll be picking up the trade in the next couple of months and am looking forward to it judging by your reviews!

  2. Aquaman. Mounting. Wonder Woman.

    That's gold.

    1. You're welcome!

      Is this Toolman from the Collectorz forum, by the way?


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