Thursday, 9 February 2012

Perusing Previews - February 2012

I'm getting old. I saw the above and though "Oh, put some clothes on, dear, before you catch a cold."

Age. It gets you in the end.

Why oh why are zombies everywhere these last few years? If it's not cheerleaders it's fanboys fighting them.

It's official - despite the comics, despite this blog, despite my love of Star Wars, I now no longer understand or want anything to do with "Pop Culture".

And talking of Star Wars, is this not just brilliant? Lightsaber umbrellas. Genius.

Volume 1 of Tarot: Witch of The Black Rose has been remastered. Considering the first few issues were full of Jim Balent exercising just how many strategically placed wisps of clothing, mist or foreground statues he could employ to cover up nipples, I'm guessing the remastering simply removes them and gives the punters what they want.


  1. You read Previews so we don't have to!

    1. Sometimes I have trouble just paring it down to four or five items! I haven't even mentioned the Japanese schoolgirl anime statues!


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