Saturday, 11 February 2012

Earth-2 And Worlds' Finest Covers

DC have revealed the covers of the forthcoming Earth-2 and Worlds' Finest series, so what do we have:

Earth-2's variant cover gives us Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman fighting against Parademons which makes me wonder (as it's a variant) whether this is meant to echo the recent battle of the Justice League against Darkseid and his minions in their title, or whether it is actually story related. Either way, the cover gives us no clue as to when the story will take place or whether the Earth-Two heroes are connected to either World War II or the Justice Society.

The costume redesigns aren't as fussy or finicky as Jim Lee's though I notice Supes is still sans red pants while Wonder Woman's in a skirt (along with sensible armoured leggings) and Batman's got fins and spikes all over the place.

Looks good but I'm expecting a more Justice Society orientated cover from the standard one which, no doubt, will be released soon.

For Worlds' Finest we get Huntress in a similar costume to the one she's been wearing in one version or another for sometime. Sensibly covered up and with her trademarked crossbow.

Power Girl gets the big redesign here as the cleavage window's gone once more (remember the yellow and gold costume?) this time replaced by a red and gold pseudo shield with what could (at a pinch) be construed as a stylised "P" on the right as we look at it. Her larger bust and more muscular frame are also gone, giving her the generic female superhero's body which is a bit more disappointing as it takes away a defining aspect of the character.

And in the background we get two figures who might be Earth-2's Supergirl and Robin or may be younger versions of PG and Huntress - the Robin figure's definitely female so maybe they started out as Supergirl and Robin?

Regardless of the covers and redesigns, both these titles will be on my pull list.


  1. Yeah, here as well. Not sure how I feel about some of the costume choices...but I am totally looking forward to giving these titles a shot.

    1. Like I said, costume changes or no I'm buying these titles for definite. Can't wait to see Kevin Maguire's take on PG and Huntress.


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