Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Graphic Novel Of The Eighties

Mention those two terms - "graphic novel" and "the 80's" - to a comics fan and chances are there'll be two or three titles that instantly spring to mind.

Watchmen, I think, is a given and possibly defines the whole decade of comics.

The Dark Knight Returns will likely be on anyone's list of 80's graphic novels.

And there's a good possibility that Maus will be on your shelves, too.

But apparently, we've all forgotten one. Not just any one, but the graphic novel of the 80!

The World of Ginger Fox by Mike Baron is, according to an ad in Amazing Heroes #102, "The graphic novel of the eighties!"

Don't have it on your shelves? Can't afford the $4.95 on ebay? Don't want to spend years trawling through back issue boxes?

Then head over to CO2 comics where you can read the whole thing on line and make your own mind up.


  1. See, I STILL think of Watchmen and Dark Knight as mini-series and the collected works as Trade Paperbacks. Graphic Novels, in the 80s, for me, were things like "God Loves, Man Kills" and "Revenge of the Living Monolith". Oversized, one and done deals...

  2. And I think of all of them as comics, myself.

  3. believe it or not i've never read Maus. i've already got too many anger management tissues as it is. Frank Miller and Allan Moore are great writers but for me personally Watchmen and Batman: The Darknight wasn't their best stuff. but objectively speaking i think you selected a good body of work here that represented the 80's well.

  4. Of the three I'm definitely an Alan Moore fan and as much as I love Watchmen (even bought the Absolute Watchmen) I think either V For Vendetta or From Hell would be my favourite of his.


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