Thursday, 10 November 2011

DC Trades

DC have released a list of the collections they'll be putting out next year, bringing together the early issues of their New 52 titles. Obviously I won't be picking up collections of the series I'm getting but there's a handful of titles that I'm sort of interested in:

Animal Man is one I'm hearing good things about so while it didn't grab me enough to pick up as an ongoing, I may get the trade.


Batgirl and Batwoman get on to the list even though I'm not a huge Bat-fan; I like Gail Simone's writing and just about everyone has been really enthusiastic about Batwoman that I'm going to give these a go.

Grifter's definitely in the maybe-if-I-see-it-cheap-online pile.

O.M.A.C. vaguely tempted me if only for Keith Giffen's art but, if I'm honest, I was put off by Dan Didio as writer. Still, despite being one of if not the slowest selling titles, I'm hearing that it's kinda fun.

Despite Harley Quinn's radical costume change, despite Amanda Waller's dramatic weight loss, I'm sort of tempted by Suicide Squad, in part to prevent David H from coming round to my house and yelling at me.

The one title I was definitely going to pick up when it was collected was Wonder Woman. Strangely, though, as Newsarama point out, it's the one title not included in the list which is more than a little odd.

Wonder why?

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  1. i'll tell ya what Gary since you added the Suicide Squad to your possible pull list and left a comment on my review of #3 i'll exempt you from being subject to any of my temper tantrums :)
    by the way if you want to see what this Mad Dog guy looks like you can see him at these preview pages of SS #3
    a Google search with keys words "wild dog dc comics" (hit the "image" tab) will show you the 80's version. but i don't know as of yet if there's any real connection that guy was a Punisher like vigilante where as the guy from SS #3 was a mercenary.


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