Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Working Behind The Scenes

Been kinda busy over the weekend - I know you're all desperately waiting to find out just how many people Hitman killed, aren't you? - but that'll have to wait for a while.

As I've mentioned before, the platform I used to create The Annotated Infinite Crisis and The Annotated Final Crisis called Google Page Creator is being shut down. Google are pushing their newer platform, Google Sites which is what I used for The Annotated Blackest Night.

Sites created with Page Creator are due to be automatically transferred at some point but I figured I'd take the opportunity to make some slight tweaks and push them over myself. I've been copying files over from one to the other and hope to get the new Sites-driven pages up by the weekend so at the moment the sites look just the same. The original addresses should automatically redirect to the new ones once they're up and running.

Soon as they're ready, I'll drop a note here.

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