Sunday, 2 August 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #48

Been busy as heck all week, mostly with the Annotated Blackest Night, but here's my weekly round-up:

  • Battlefields: The Tankies #3 - "Ye put one doon the barrel, son!"  Marvellous!
  • Blackest Night: Tales of The Corps #3 - nice director's commentary on Blackest Night #0;
  • The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead #3 - poor old Cort buys the farm;
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #3 - who'd have thought you could get closer with your tattoos?
  • Justice League of America #35 - oh come on, another Justice League reboot and we get the Royal Flush Gang again?
  • Justice Society of America #29 - Stargirl has a Highlander moment!
  • The Last Days of Animal Man #3 - for a guy who spends all his time thinking about his family, Animal Man's family give him a rough time this issue;
  • Teen Titans #73 - wait, Bombshell knows the chemical composition of mustard gas?!
  • Wednesday Comics #4 - still delivering more pluses than minuses.
And what made me smile this week:

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