Thursday, 20 August 2009

It Was All Hal Jordan's Fault In The First Place

As I mentioned yesterday, I've just posted some notes about the Nekron story in Tales of The Green Lantern Corps over at the Annotated Blackest Night. To get those notes done, I obviously re-read the story, the first time I'd done so in ages. When I did, I noticed something a bit . . . odd.

In short, the Guardians have gather every Green Lantern on Oa - that's all 3,600 of them so you know it's going to be important. Hell, they even drafted in Charlie Vicker:

who seems to have a . . . close . . . relationship with Stel . . . which is fine, you know, I'm not judging - just going for the cheap joke.

Anyhow, like I said, it's an important meeting as evidenced by Tomar-Re and the other Honour Guards showing up:

I wonder why Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner don't have those fancy red sashes now that they're Honour Guards . . . ?

Anyhow, like the bird-man says, "Time is of the essence!" There's no time to delay - things have to get going and, after the Guardians arrive, Jordan does just that. He gets going . . . at least his mouth does:

See, he's only just met Arisia who doesn't know squat about the Guardians or their history so Jordan fills her in concerning Krona, that bad guy who wanted desperately to see the origin of the universe.

And he takes three and a half pages to do it even though, as his good friend Tomar-Re said:

And what do the Guardians do when Jordan's babbling away about Krona?


They wait until he's finished!!

Sure, Guardian, explain the URGENT REASON you've brought them together after you let Jordan finish his story. Don't you realise:

It's so urgent you summon every Green Lantern, it's so urgent you bring them all to Oa all at once, it's all so very, very urgent but you let Jordan tell Krona's story for too long:

Not ready?!

Not ready?!

Who's fault is that?!
Hal Jordan - smug son of a bitch.

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  1. I wonder why Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner don't have those fancy red sashes now that they're Honour Guards . . . ?

    because fashion sense that's why


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