Sunday, 30 August 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #52

Here we are again for another round of cocktails:

  • Blackest Night: Titans #1 - Black Lanterns! Ed Benes! Butt shots! Joking aside, not a bad start - the ghostly pram/stroller in Donna's room was a nice, creepy touch.
  • The Boys: Herogasm #4 - 9/11's always going to be an emotive subject even when dealing with an alternate history of it. Ennis handles it very well.
  • The Dark Tower: Fall of Gilead #4 - the centre cannot hold / Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink #4 - oh wow, it's the return of the long dead brother complete with super-villain name. And this series started off so well.
  • Green Lantern #45 - oh boy is Agent Orange in trouble now!
  • Justice Society of America #30 - Dr. Fate's back! Oh yeah! Could do without the bickering but I guess that's building to the JSA All-Stars series coming soon.
  • The Last Days of Animal Man #4 - Jeez, poor old Buddy's getting put through the wringer here.
  • Project Superpowers: Chapter Two #2 - you know, with such a huge cast in the Superpowers universe, it'd be nice if someone annotated it . . . Seriously, though, this is good stuff.
  • Teen Titans #74 - poor Kid Devil, not to mention Kid Eternity.
  • Wednesday Comics #8 - hmmm, toss up between Metamorpho and the Flash this week I think.
And what made me smile this week:
Heh - pink bunnies have never done it for me.

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