Sunday, 9 August 2009

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #49

My weekly run down of the comics I get
  • The Boys #33 - "Ith god b doth!!"  Garth Ennis does love a speech impaired character, doesn't he?
  • Doom Patrol #1 - I've never picked up a Doom Patrol ongoing before and the only reason I got this was because of Keith Giffen's writing as I'm something of a fan. I'll definitely be around for the next few issues to see where this goes.
    • Metal Men co-feature - ah, the JLI team back together, doing what they do best. Even if I hadn't enjoyed Doom Patrol, I'd probably picked it up for this anyway.
  • Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #4 - easily the best of the Aftermath series, this continues to be great fun. However, I do have one demand for Mr Sturges: bring back Miss Army Knife! Coolest villain name ever!
  • Justice League: Cry For Justice #2 - when I heard James Robinson was going to be writing this I was over the moon; having read two slow, stilted, poorly dialogued issues I fear for the future of the Justice League of America title when he takes over.
  • Secret Six #12 - while I enjoyed this issue, I couldn't help wondering why Wonder Woman didn't simply use her lasso to get what she wanted . . . ?
  • Strange Adventures #6 - alien fish and a giant slice of pepperoni pizza. Just when you thought this series was slowing down . . .
  • Wednesday Comics #5 - still way more hits than misses; I think the only stories I'm not reading are Wonder Woman and Strange Adventures, both due to the artwork which doesn't really work for me.
And what made me smile this week? Actually, several things did:
From the Metal Men co-feature in Doom Patrol #1
Human Flame puns to the max in Final Crisis Aftermath: Run #4
I mean, seriously, would anyone mess with Artemis right now?
The big questions get asked in Metamorpho from Wednesday Comics #5.


  1. The art on Wednesday Comics is still mostly terrific, but that Superman strip ... nothing happens, ever.

  2. I agree - the art's generally very good (even on the Superman strip!) but Wonder Woman particularly... just does nothing for me. All that space and it still looks cramped.


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