Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Need A Little Help

Over at my Annotated Infinite Crisis site, someone got in touch to say that I'd missed something.

Infinite Crisis #2, page 9, panel 2 shows Calculator surrounded by a variety of screens, all of which show members of the Society. Somehow the faces on those screens had slipped past me when I was annotating the series so I need to get them identified, but am having a bit of trouble.

In the top left (slightly hidden by the speech bubble) is what appears to be Dr Psycho; the main screens from left to right show Psycho Pirate; Luthor; Ultivac and Mr Poseidon (the robot and a small man on his shoulder); and Sivana; bottom left shows a blond man with goggles and another who has been identified as Chronos; going round the desk, the next screen shows Bug and Byte; the last shows a smiling man; and bottom right Colonel Computron.

If anyone here can name those I'm missing, either post a comment or mail me at jigsawmen [at] googlemail [dot] com and let me know what you've got.


  1. I'd argue that the person in the speech-bubble-hidden screen is Amanda Waller.

    Also, the blonde guy with goggles I think is Animal Man.

    The Captain COld looking guy is Colonel Computron, I believe.

    Not sure about the rest, sorry.

  2. Thanks, Brad!

    Waller and Animal Man I'm going to disagree with - the screens show members of the Society so I don't think they'd be shown.

    Colonel Computron looks like a definite, though, so you're on the Acknowledgements page!

  3. I'm in agreement on Colonel Computron. The character you describe as having a crescent on his head looks a lot like Chronos to me, and it seems like he would fit with this group.

    I was wondering if maybe the "silver-skinned woman" might be Doctor Cyber. I think she might have had a silver look when she appeared in Power Company.

  4. Hi Rob!

    Yeah, I can agree with Chronos; it's not a fantastic image but close enough unless someone can say definitively otherwise.

    Doctor Cyber - I've looked all over the net but there seems to be nothing with her picture so I'm going to go with a maybe on that one.


  5. The two side by side are Bug and Byte (if I recall correctly Firestorm(?) villains I only know from Who's Who) and I think the woman under the word bubble is Fatality, but I'm not certain.

  6. I don't think that's Dr. Cyber. I think Mekanique (from the All-Star Squadron series) is a more likely candidate, but I can't imagine what she'd be doing there...

  7. Graig - you're right; I checked out Who's Who and they're definitely Bug and Byte so you're on the Acknowledgements page. Disagree with Fatality, though - she always wears large circular earrings which definitely aren't in this picture.

    Dave - thanks for that but Graig's pipped you to the post with the correct id.

    Cheers all!

  8. Dave - thanks for that but Graig's pipped you to the post with the correct id.

    Wow, Gary could you run that through a British English --> American English translator for me? :)

  9. Haha! Guess I should be tagging my own comments with the Cor Blimey Guv'nor label I've used to take mick out of American writers' take on British dialogue!

  10. Aye, lads! Just run it through the Cor Blimey Guv'nor label and bob's your uncle!


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