Friday, 2 May 2008

Friday Night Fights - Meanwhile, On Earth-Two

Not only am I stuck in the 1980's at the moment, what with my habit of digging through old issues of Justice League Of America and Power Girl, but for this week's Friday Night Fight, I'm stuck on Earth-Two as well, in the company of the All-Star Squadron!
But wait a moment - that's Steel hitting Johnny Quick?! A hero beating on another hero?! What is this, their first ever meeting with the obligatory fight before realisation dawns?
Hang on - he just struck a woman! In 1942! What a cad!
Ah, there's the answer - he's been brainwashed and hypnotised, Manchurian Candidate* style, by that Nazi bounder, Baron Blitzkrieg!

But if Robotman can't stop him, who can? Why, Bahlactus, of course!

* I mean the original with Frank Sinatra, by the way.

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