Wednesday, 14 May 2008

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy

Here's a couple of things I picked up from the Newsarama report of the Seattle DC Nation panel:

"[Dan Didio was] Asked if there were any plans for Monarch to appear again, the answer was again no."

So no more Monarch? That whole appearance in Countdown, the building an army, Countdown Arena, battling Superman-Prime, having his containment suit ripped open and the destruction of Earth-51's universe in Countdown To Final Crisis #13? All that and no sight of the man behind it all?

I swear, the events of Countdown are going to be forgotten before the end of Final Crisis.

"How many Black Lanterns will be established dead characters? Many, many, many. How many of those will be former Heroes? Again, many, many, many. This got a huge response from the audience."

Now that's kinda cool! Who doesn't like a huge power ring wearing zombie hero battling the good guys?!

"There will be more Who's Who in the future, according to Didio"

Excellent news! I love me some Who's Who!

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