Thursday, 15 May 2008

Bring Out Your Dead!

The rise of the Black Lanterns promises to be one hell of a story with dead heroes returning, armed with black power rings.

But who is coming back? In the last post I mentioned that according to Dan DiDio "many, many, many" former heroes would be rising from their graves and, while looking for something else entirely, I stumbled across this list of dead comic book characters on Wikipedia.

Here's a couple of my guesses as to who's coming back:

Abin and Amon Sur - Geoff Johns is the architect behind this story and the chance to have the father and son, friend and enemy battling Hal Jordan has to be too good to pass up.

Bombshell - a Johns creation, she was just wasted with her appearance in Teen Titans which amounted to little more than "Hey, I'm a Titan! Hey, I'm a turncoat! Hey, I'm dead!"

Captain Boomerang - another chance for Johns to write a Flash Rogue? An undead Flash Rogue? Like he's going to pass that up.

Ch'p - c'mon! A zombie power ring wearing squirrel? Who wouldn't want to read about that?

Doctors Midnight and Mid-Nite - yep, that's right, I'm going for the whole Beth Chapel/Charles McNider team up; with his penchant for legacy characters and love of the originals, Johns has just got to throw these two into the mix - they're already used to using darkness so why not?

Kobra - insane leader of a huge cult ready to die at his very word? Why not!

Max Lord - just so he can confront Wonder Woman!

Mr Terrific - another original character whose legacy is carried on by a character in a Johns-written book.

Professor Zoom/Reverse Flash - another Flash Rogue that Johns must want to get his hands on.

Superboy - because not even lawyers can keep a good zombie down!


  1. Would you believe I woke up this morning thinking "Why didn't I include Vibe?"

    No, really, I did!

    Thanks for linking back here from The Absorbascon, by the way! Much appreciated.

  2. If Superboy shows up as a zombie Black Lantern my head will explode. In a bad way.


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