Monday, 23 July 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #30

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got a Mirage's chance.

MINDBOGGLER - can't think of a logo for your superhero costume? Just get an old T-shirt and write your initials on it. Seems to work in the old days. Don't think it'll work in the New 52.

MIRAGE - not the one-time Teen Titan, rather one of Batman's villains. I think the Titan has a better chance of appearing again than this guy.

MIRROR MASTER - while the Mirror Master hasn't turned up in the pages of the Flash at the time of writing (mid-March) it's pretty much confirmed he and the rest of the Rogues will be back by the end of the year so he's going in the definite column.

MISS LIBERTY - while other Old West heroes will no doubt benefit from All-Star Western's success, I think Miss Liberty is low on the list of guest appearances, due to her being connected to the Revolutionary War which took place a hundred years or so before Jonah Hex and friends were around.

THE MIST - James Robinson's Starman series effectively killed off the Mist for all other writers, tying him so closely with Jack Knight's Starman that it would seem almost impossible to have one without the other, so I don't think he'll be around.

MR. AMERICA - while we saw a character with this name in the pages of Justice Society of America a few years back, I think it unlikely he'll get another revamp any time soon.

MR. ATOM - an old Captain Marvel villain, he probably won't appear. He's an atomic powered robot whereas the soon to be revamped Captain Marvel (sorry, Shazam) is going to be more magical and fantasy based so I'm guessing the two concepts won't blend well.

MISTER E - once upon a time, E was just your average blind hunter of vampires before Neil Gaiman came along and turned him into a victim of child abuse, resulting in him becoming a raving psychotic. Cheery, eh? The Phantom Stranger's turned up recently (mid-March, remember) and John Constantine's back in the DCU, but I don't think we'll see E before the end of the year.

MR. ELEMENT - as I mentioned about his other personality, Dr. Alchemy, he was never really one of the Flash's Rogues so I'm going to say we won't see him this year.

MR. FREEZE - while I'm pretty sure Freeze hasn't turned up in any of the Batman titles at the time of writing, I'm also positive I've seen something where he's destined to show up any time soon. He's going in the definite column.

MR. MIND - who'd have thought a mind-controlling alien worm could cause so much trouble, eh? One of Captain Marvel's - oops - Shazam's biggest foes (maybe not physically) it would be surprising not to have him turn up somewhere so I'm going for a possible here.

MR. MIND'S MONSTER SOCIETY OF EVIL - almost every Captain Mar - darn it! - Shazam villain in one big group. While we may see one or two of them individually, I don't think we'll see them as a collective any time soon.

MISTER MIRACLE - the first Justice League arc finished a couple of weeks ago (mid-March, people - lead time on these posts is crucial!) with appearances from Darkseid, Desaad and Steppenwolf, there wasn't a hint of the New Genesis crowd showing up. If any of them were to make an appearance this year, I'd guess it would be Miracle but I can't see it happening before the end of 2012.

MR. MXYZPTLK - the last time I saw Mixy was when he scurried back to the 5th Dimension and demanded that it be closed off to prevent Superboy-Prime from breaking in. As far as I know we've not seen him since but then I'm not a big Superman reader. If he hasn't appeared already, I don't think he'll show by year's end.

MR. TAWKY TAWNY - ah, Captain M - blast! - Shazam's erstwhile talking tiger friend. I last saw him in Final Crisis complete with jetpack. Will he appear in the new Shazam back-up in Justice League? I'm going to say not before the end of the year.

So in summary, no characters in place, two definites (Mirror Master and Mr Freeze) and one possible (Mr Mind)


  1. You likely know by now, Mr Tawny is in the new Shazam strip, though he's just a plan old tiger, as yet.

    And he's not been named, but Mr Mxyzptlk is appearing in ... hmm, maybe I shouldnt spoil!

    1. I'm going to claim Mr Tawky Tawny hasn't yet appeared - sure a tiger named Tawny has but until he at the least starts talking, I'm claiming they're two separate characters!!

      And Mr Mxyzptlk is back is he? Shows what I know! Go on, spill the beans - where's he appearing?

  2. See that little bad man who keeps stirring things up Action Comics? That's likely him.

    And I reckon Clark's landlady is his girlfriend, Miss Gsptlsnz!

    1. Let me know if that gets confirmed - I'm not reading Action so am relying on you!


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