Saturday, 14 July 2012

Gaiman Writing New Sandman Story

News from DC quotes Neil Gaiman:
"When I finished writing THE SANDMAN, there was one tale still untold. The story of what had happened to Morpheus to allow him to be so easily captured in THE SANDMAN #1, and why he was returned from far away, exhausted beyond imagining, and dressed for war."
If I may be allowed to paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi:
"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in delight and wouldn't shut up about it for the next ten years."
Not sure how I feel about this - certainly enjoyed The Sandman at the time but it feels a little less impressive whenever I re-read it. Some absolute gems amongst it without a doubt - A Midsummer Night's Dream instantly springs to mind - but it became quite bloated towards the end. How long did The Kindly Ones go on for? Eight, nine years? Certainly felt like it.

Think I'll wait for the trade paperback in a few years.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I really enjoyed Sandman back in the day; however, this announcement leaves me underwhelmed.

    Maybe it's because of the Before Watchmen shenanigans. Maybe it's because I associate Sandman with a particular time frame.

    Now if a new Neil Gaiman/JH Williams III creator owned project had been announced, I think I would have been more excited.


    1. You mention Before Watchmen but at least the original writer's doing this!

      And yeah, if it were a new project then I'd be more interested. Not a great deal as I've never been a huge Gaiman fan, but a little.

      Like I say, think I'll wait for the trade in a couple of years.

  2. As a Sandman fan I am looking forward to these books, but I would have preferred it to be story's about Daniel the son of Morpheus who took on the role of Dream towards the end of Gaiman's run. Otherwise what was the point of introducing him as the next Dream.

    1. The point of introducing Daniel was to let Gaiman walk away knowing that the agreement that DC had made with him about not letting anyone else use Morpheus once he'd finished had a chance in hell of being honored.

      By giving them a "new Dream" and wrapping up Morpheus's story, there was a far, far less chance that someone else would come along to do "After Sandman" with Morpheus.

      I'm glad that Gaiman is getting in to do a "Before Sandman" before someone else does it.

    2. That was one of the main reasons I didn't give a monkey's about Morpheus/Dream - pretty sure it was during Season of Mists he calls all the inhabitants together and says "I'm off to hell, I might not come back. If I die, another version of me will take my place."

      Oh, right, so you're like Dr Who, then?

      Eventually we get to the interminably long Kindly Ones where we know he's going to die and yet... I didn't care because we knew someone else would take his place, in this case Daniel. And if you don't care about the main character, it's sort of hard to keep any interest in the title.

      As I said, I mostly enjoyed it at the time but am in no rush to pick this up.


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