Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Flesh For The Ratings

Kirby: Genesis finally limped to a conclusion last week with the release of #8 wherein a final battle of sorts was fought, powers were divested and super-beings vanished or made themselves public. During the battle, some huge, bearded figure appeared in the sky and was obviously debated on TV talk shows like this one:

You know what struck me about this panel? This:

The only woman on that panel is displaying more cleavage than your average glamour model. I'm no prude and I've no objection to the portrayal of attractive women but if you're on what appears to be a TV talk show discussing an apparent manifestation of some sort of god, you wouldn't deliberately flash that much flesh?

The fact that she's also pointing and turning her head to her left but the rest of her body remains facing the viewer / reader makes it seem like she's there simply for the boob shot.

Would it have killed artist Jack Herbert to do something like this:

See? Doesn't this look a little more realistic?

Scantily clad super-heroines I can turn a blind eye to most of the time but a real world situation like this just gets me reaching for Photoshop.

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