Monday, 9 July 2012

Who Was Who Is Who #28

So for want of anything better to write about on a Monday, I'm going to go through all my copies of Who's Who and see if I can predict who will make it over to the new DCU by the end of 2012, who might make it and who hasn't got a Fat Marvel's chance.

MANHAWKS - having dropped The Savage Hawkman after learning Rob Liefeld was getting on board, I've no idea how likely it is that the Thanagarian aspect of the character will be developed. However, I can't see these guys ever coming back, so I guess that point's moot.

MANHUNTER - with the news about Earth-2 making it clear that this isn't the old, pre-Crisis version coming back, it seems unlikely we'll see the original any time soon. The excellent Kate Spencer version, though? Possible but probably not before the end of the year.

MANHUNTERS - as in the robotic pawns of the Guardians of the Universe. With the Guardians planning to replace the GL Corps (this is being written in mid-March) it seems likely that we'll get a flashback or two dealing with the Manhunters but I don't think we'll get a full on appearance of them before the end of 2012.

MANO - one of Fatal Five, Mano's a Legion enemy which I don't think has appeared since the start of the New 52, but maybe Dave Sopko can clarify for us?

MANTIS - one of the lesser known New Gods, I think it highly unlikely we'll be seeing him around before the end of the year.

MARA - one of Arion's companions, I can't see her turning up any time soon.

MARIAH - sporting one of the worst costumes ever (it's a mankini for goodness sake!) it's probably best if this warrior from Skataris is never seen again.

MARK MOONRIDER - as I've said with all the Forever People so far, this is unfortunately one of Kirby's concepts that is just firmly rooted in the 60s and 70s. As such, I think it best if it were left there.

MARS - the Greek God of war listed under his Roman name, more commonly known in the pages of Wonder Woman as Ares. Far as I know, he's already shown up in the new series so he goes in the "in place" column.

MARTIAN MANHUNTER - having made room for Cyborg over in the Justice League series, the Martian Manhunter turned up in Stormwatch. At least he's in the New DCU.

MARTIN CHAMPION - one of the Atari Force, so I think we can scratch him from the list. Even so, I had to include the picture as one of the last examples of a pipe-smoking action hero!

THE MARVEL FAMILY - I'll deal with the main characters in their individual listings but the sidekick/humorous spin-offs like Fat Marvel and Tall Marvel . . . yeah, don't think we'll be seeing them.

MARY MARVEL - while we haven't see Mary in the DCU at the time of writing (mid-March, remember) there has been confirmation that she'll be turning up in the new Shazam back-up story in Justice League so she goes in the in place column.

MASTER JAILER - ahahahahahahaha! No, no I don't think so.

THE MASTERS OF DISASTER - bunch of bad guys who fought against Batman and the Outsiders. As that team won't be coming round any time soon, I don't think we'll be seeing these, either.

So in summary, three already in place (Mars (Ares), Martian Manhunter and Mary Marvel) but no definite predictions or possibles this week.


  1. Well, we've now seen the Outsiders in Batman Inc, so the rubbish MoD may yet show up.

    I could easily see the Master Jailer showing up in a villainous group shot in Grant Morrison's Action Comics. Complete with trendy neckchain.

    1. The Outsiders are back? See, this is what happens when I don't buy every single comic every week...

  2. Do not believe that MAni has appeared yet, but there are rumblings of Levitz and Giffen doing a Fatal 5 story. I do not believe that it will appear until next year though.


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