Sunday, 17 April 2011

Who'd Like A Cocktail? #126

Max Lord spots a problem
Look at that - hardly worth calling in to the comic shop this week.

Very light this week - should have had Booster Gold but part of the shipment to my local comic shop was damaged hence only three comics.

  • THE DARK TOWER: THE GUNSLINGER - THE LITTLE SISTERS OF ELEURIA #5 - and that three really comes down to two when you consider that I just didn't read this title. This is the last of the Dark Tower books I'll be getting as the whole thing has just been dragged out waaaaay too long and, frankly, just became a bit boring.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE: GENERATION LOST #23 - so the penultimate issue is here and it looks like Max Lord's plans are finally having a bit of an upset. He manages to get the JLI team (minus Power Girl and Captain Atom) to Los Angeles where they face off against OMAC Prime or, as Martin Gray calls it, AmazOmac, a hybrid of OMAC technology and Professor Ivo's Amazo android. It's an okay issue building up to another big fight in the last issue where, I'm guessing, Booster Gold gets to partially defeat Lord before Professor Ivo - who's been under Lord's control all this time - finally gets his revenge. Power Girl and Captain Atom should step in to help next issue as well: true, they don't know where the others are right now but Power Girl's Kryptonian - how long's it going to take her to scour the world and find them?
  • PUNISHER MAX #12 - we get inside the Punisher's head this issue after the huge beating he took last time round and it's a scary place. With his arms and legs broken and him trapped in jail, it's hard to see how the Punisher's going to get out of this fix - although being able to stave off six hardened criminals by the force of his reputation alone is going to stand him in good stead. Another excellent issue.
And what made me smile:

Heh, Fire and Skeets have a little Princess Leia / C-3PO moment.

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