Sunday, 30 March 2014

Time For A Change?

Haven't been around for a while fr a couple of reasons but mostly (for the last month or so) it's been due to getting promoted in work and just not having the time to write those wonderful, in depth posts you've all come to know and love.

Though it may not seem like it, this blog took up a fair amount of my time. The weekly Cocktail posts alone often took a couple of hours to prepare - scanning the covers of the books, combining them into one picture, typing out the heading and quote, posting that along with my reviews of the comics themselves. Sometimes I could get them done on a Friday afternoon, sometimes I was frantically writing them on the Sunday morning just to meet my self-imposed publishing deadline of 1pm on a Sunday.

I know - it's hard life, isn't it?

Self deprecating sarcasm aside, it's been bugging me that I've let this blog sit without an update for a few weeks. So, in an attempt to aim for brevity, I'm heading off to experiment with Twitter. You can find me over at @CrisisOEP though, at the time of writing, there's nothing there except the bare bones of an account. Hopefully over the next week or two I'll find out whether that's for me or not - if not, I might end up back here anyway!

So, for now at least, this'll be the last post here at the blog. If you tweet and want to come see me, feel free to follow me and I'll return the favour.

One way or another, see you soon folks!


  1. I'll look out for ya then Gary, I hear on ya' the Blog thing. I'm almost to blogging twice a week due to work iusses myself. Hang in there though buddy.

  2. >snif<

    But congrats on the promotion, you vastly important man, you!


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