Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Perusing Previews - April 2011

Pleasantly surprised to see this little item on sale in the recent issue of Previews:

That's Ghost from the Dark Horse series of the same name who last appeared way back in 2000. Odd that the character doesn't have a series but she still gets a new action figure.

What else caught my eye in this month's Previews?

Ah yes, the traditional Hobbit stein:

Someone's gearing up to make money from the forthcoming films! I love the way every stein is "topped with a rune-engraved One Ring" How many One Rings is that?!

Talking of movies . . .

Here we get our first look at the new cast member of the Ghostbusters re-boot . . . or maybe not. Jeez, who buys these things?

The independents section is always good for a chuckle and this month it was Doktormentor: Jail Babe Surgeon #3 that made me laugh. Not because of the title . . . not because of the cover blurb of "A boy-crazy blonde's bizarre last request: 'Please let me take my panties off!'" . . . not even for "Sex-crazed girls in cages" but rather the bonus feature "starring real lesbians behind bars presented in amazing 3-D!"

You hear that, boys?

Order your copy now!!

Ah, I suppose I shouldn't laugh and point fingers; after all from the same issue of Previews I'm actually ordering this.

Let he who is without sin and all that . . .

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