Tuesday, 26 October 2010

So That Explains It

I've always said I don't do this blog for the hits - I get a fair few people coming through here because of the Annotated sites I've done, there are other blogs that link here and the Friday Night Fights always send a good number this way. I'd like to think you guys who read this also check out the other blogs I link to and share the love, but the main reason I do this is because I like comics and this is fun.

That doesn't mean I never look at my stats, of course - how else would I know that the now infamous (at least in my mind) Spandex-Clad Butt post keeps topping my most visited list time and again?

Glancing through the stats that Blogger provides, I happened to look at the keyword searches that have brought people over to Crisis on Earth-Prime:

A look at those and what you'd expect to see jump out - the blog's title, Blackest Night, Annotations, eunuchs, Booster Gold, Green Lan . . . wait, what now?

Yep, people have found this lowly comics blog while looking for eunuchs and photos of them . . . which explains why this post is always second in my most visited list.

So, should I ever want to increase the traffic to this blog, I should continue to mention spandex-clad butts and eunuchs as often as possible.

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