Friday, 1 October 2010

Friday Night Fights - Of Cats And Crocs

It's Friday so, as usual, Spacebooger demands carnage!

Having just completed the annotations for Armageddon 2001 over at the Annotated DC Project (yes, that's a blatant plug) I thought I'd stick with the subject for tonight's brawl so come with me to the future, to the strange world of . . . er . . . 2001 . . .

Anyway, in 2001 (you know, the future) Gotham City's a slightly different place. The Joker has been declared sane and has his own talk show, most of Batman's villains are dead and the main man himself is in jail having been convicted of murdering the Penguin. Catwoman doesn't believe the charge and sets out to find evidence of his innocence, coming up against Killer Croc . . . who's a TV wrestling star. I tell you, 2001 was weird . . .

Not surprisingly, Killer Croc isn't interested in talking:

I love the idea that Croc has to do his own accounts!

Still, Catwoman's not taking no for an answer:

Doesn't she realise he's going to need to file those papers?!

Man, Catwoman kicks Croc's scaly hide all over the shop!

And just like that, she's won!

And Croc expresses his indignity as only he can!

But don't you be indignant - head over to Spacebooger by clicking on the picture below, check out the other fights and then vote for me your favourite!

This cat versus croc throwdown first appeared in Batman Annual #15, cover dated 1991, written by Alan Grant with art by Jim Fern and Steve Leialoha.

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