Tuesday, 12 October 2010

"Oh, The Dead Kid."

Just catching up with some comic news from the New York Con. Over at the DC Nation panel:
On Green Arrow, a fan suggested DC bring back Lian Harper. DiDio was puzzled for a moment, then, "Oh, the dead kid."
That seems kinda harsh and a little heartless on first reading; Lian Harper was liked by many and her almost casual death in Justice League: Cry for Justice was criticised by just as many. Still, it could have been DiDio having a laugh.
A fan asked about Multiversity, the long-gestating Grant Morrison opus. "We're waiting for Bruce Wayne to get back—this is a story that only Grant Morrison can do, and I mean that with all my art [sic]," DiDio said, adding that Morrison has at least another year of Batman stories. He indicated the story would be presented in five chapters with five artists.
Despite many fans moaning about "event fatigue" over the last few years, I still like them - Blackest Night was a great story. Grant Morrison, on the other hand doing something big again? After the mess that was Final Crisis, I'm really not that excited about Multiversity, as much as I love the DC Multiverse.
The next question: "What about Ralph and Sue?" A good level of applause followed. "You know, we come to these panels year after year, what we hear is, 'why can't characters stay dead?" DiDio said. "This is our gift to you."
I'd rather have Ralph and Sue Dibny remain dead than a half-arsed story about them coming back as ghost detectives. But hey, maybe an appearance in next year's Halloween special?

Meanwhile, over at the DC Universe panel:
Krul said Green Arrow would soon see the resolution of the Queen storyarc, then move into "Who is Black Arrow?" "Green Arrow's needed a nemesis for a while, and this will set that up," Krul said.
I agree Green Arrow's rogues gallery has been a little light but Black Arrow? Isn't that just Merlyn by a different name?
Sattler mentioned that DiDio had made an announcement, to which Robinson began "My favorite character is Hawkman—" 'Not that!" Sattler cut him off, laughing. "The one shot!"
Robinson writing a Hawkman ongoing? Damn - love to see another Hawkman series but Robinson's writing on Justice League of America has been so ropey lately. Doesn't fill me with confidence.

And from the Green Lantern panel:
The first issue of a new Lantern-centric comic series is already written, Johns said, reiterating an announcement made earlier in the day that another Corps would get a title.
Another Corps - probably going to come down to Star Sapphires or the Indigo Tribe; my guess would be the latter.
"At some point we'll do Green Lantern/Green Arrow, probably sooner than later," Johns said when asked about such a crossover.

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