Friday, 29 October 2010

Friday Night Fights - Brains Vs Brawn

It's Friday . . . ahh, you all know by now what that means: FIGHTS!!

So, picture the scene: a bunch of meta-human villains have been dumped on a far distant planet and left to fend for themselves. In a bizarre attempt at putting together some ground rules for their new world, Psimon steps forward and, basically, tells the lady villains that they're going to be, as Giganta puts it . . .

Baby factories. Psimon, my friend, if you ever want to get people to do something for you, it's best not to make them feel like nothing more than a breeding herd. Not surprisingly, someone doesn't like Psimon's idea.

It's the Joker, that Clown Prince of Crime, the really funny guy who commits those wacky, clown themed crimes . . .

Oops - that was the Joker from the 60's. This is the homicidal maniac who has no problem taking a rock to someone's plastic skull!

All the while, dishing out advice on how to form a society . . .

. . . as well as dishing out the pain!

Yeah, it's hard to believe that this is the same guy who had a hideout called a Ha-Hacienda!

Nope, no questions . . .

Now get yourselves over to Spacebooger by clicking the picture below, check out the other fights and then vote for me! Or one of the others, if you like.

This erudite yet violent lesson on societal origins first appeared in Salvation Run #2, cover dated February 2008, written by Bill Willingham with art by Sean Chen and Walden Wong.

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